Acupuncture Facelift







Acupuncture Facelift

Acupuncture Facelift is a safe, non-surgical procedure for skin rejuvenation and muscle toning.  It is stimulation and exercise of the underlying facial muscles that creates a subtle yet visible contouring lift to firm and tighten the face and neck.  Enjoy the relaxing way to total facial rejuvenation.

This procedure includes :

 Deep Pore Cleansing - Removes surface debris.

Microbrasion with lifting massage - a deep ex-foliation to remove dead cell build-up and reveal a silky smooth surface, this is accomplished with an intense lifting massage.

 Acupuncture Face with Body Balance - to stimulate muscle activity in the face and balance the body for stress reduction

Terri Evans is a pioneer and master of this treatment and personally developed this service in 1997 using her years of experience and expertise.

 10 Treatments are recommended


 We use the highest quality, natural pharmaceutical grade products available on the skin to enhance the rejuvenation process.



All facial treatments can also be done on a monthly basis for maintenance or prevention.


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