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Consumer Workshop

Today's consumer is educated consumer.  Workshops are a great way to develop an intimate understanding about skin care ingredients.  Learn about carriers oils, essential oils, herbs and the different ways to incorporate them into your skin care regimen.

Four Hour lecture and then we hit the Apothecary to create your own:

Cleanser * Moisturizer * Mask


Professional Apothecary Skin Care Certification


Part One:  Ingredient Knowledge:  12 hours - 2/days/6 hours/day

Advanced ingredient Knowledge:  Develop the skills to compound customized and signature treatments using raw materials.


Part Two:  Custom Compounding -- 8 hours -- 2 days/4 hours/day.  Certification

Custom Compounding:  One way skin care professionals can provide that extra value is by developing customized treatments that target individual needs by combining active ingredients, essential oils, herbs and exfoliants with base carriers, muds or masks.  Signature treatments targeted to a specific skin conditions such as oily, mature or dry.


Part Three:  Skin Care Branding -- 4 hours.  Certification

Developing an intimate knowledge of skin care ingredients may lead to the desire to brand your own product line.  Go from the idea and dream to bringing it to fruition.  


If you are interested in attending a workshop, please email:

 let us know consumer or professional and days and times that are better for you.